About Sorrell Originals

"I want something you can't buy in any store." — Cecil B. DeMille
Robert Sorrell

Robert Sorrell

Sorrell Originals creates one-of-a-kind costume jewelry prized for its distinctive design. Sorrell jewels appear in the most prestigious collections in the world. All are unique. While there may be more than one version of some pieces, no two are identical. Most combine various types of Austrian, German or Czech crystal. More recent pieces also incorporate various synthetics like CZs, as well as hard stones and occasionally some wood or antique ivory carvings. Plastics are rarely used.

Sorrell Originals are well documented in books, magazines and newspapers going back to the mid 1980s. Some of the more recent press items are included here in the Press section. Our jewels have accessorized Paris Couture, the Broadway and Off-Broadway stages, the ballet, Hollywood films and television. Sorrell Originals have been worn by celebrities as diverse as Ru Paul and Madeline Albright.

Just to correct some cyber-misinformation:

  • Robert Sorrell is very much alive.
  • He has never worked for, nor apprenticed to, any other jewelry designer. He is self taught.
  • He was not designing in the 1940s or ’50s.
  • He does not rework or repair vintage jewelry.
  • “Sorrelli” and “Robert Originals” are separate companies and are unrelated to Sorrell Originals.
  • We welcome your inquiries and will respond promptly to all.